Stirring the Fire A Global Movement to Empower Women and Girls

For nearly a decade, we have captured the stories of women heroes and the issues they face all over the world, both as solo projects and in collaboration with Non-Governmental Organizations such as UN Women and CARE. Our work sparks the question "what can I do to help?"" Through our exhibition, films and photography, we aim to answer that question by educating and inspiring audiences to act. Thus, Stirring the Fire.



Visit Stirring the Fire’s Exhibition and Call to Action to find resources and a variety of opportunities to intern and volunteer with global organizations contributing towards gender equality.


enduring spirit

The accomplishments of ordinary women in developing and war-ravaged countries who have broken through the barriers of oppression and discrimination to make a positive difference in their communities is brilliantly told through radiant photography and riveting profiles. The heroic examples set by these women, whose bravery and determination enabled them to move beyond victimization to leadership, speak to the universal themes of courage, empowerment, and human rights. As part of CARE's campaign to empower women everywhere, Women Empowered reveals how determined women of all ages have effectively turned their struggles into triumphs.