Film & Photography Projects


When a young person experiences a frightening break from reality, Western experts usually label it a "first-episode psychosis" while many psychologists and cultures define it as a “spiritual awakening”. The documentary CRAZYWISE reveals remarkably effective treatment approaches and a survivor-led movement challenging a mental health system in crisis.

Stirring the Fire A Global Movement to Empower Women and Girls

For nearly a decade, we have captured the stories of women heroes and the issues they face all over the world, both as solo projects and in collaboration with Non-Governmental Organizations such as UN Women and CARE. Our work sparks the question “what can I do to help?” Through our exhibition, films and photography, we aim to answer that question by educating and inspiring audiences to act. Thus, Stirring the Fire.

People of Indigenous Cultures Cultures and Traditions at Risk

Stepping into another culture that has different values, beliefs and traditions is an effective way to gain perspective on your own culture. Indigenous and tribal cultures that have missed the industrial and technology revolutions can give us perspective on what we have gained and what we have lost in our own unique cultural evolution. These traditional cultures are facing substantial health, environmental and human rights issues. Our books and exhibitions are intended to raise awareness about the value indigenous and tribal cultures offer us and the challenges they face.